44 Style Tips How to Wear a Pink Shirt for Men

A question that has plagued many men. But never struggle with how to wear a pink shirt again with our easy-to-follow guide covering the formal and casual ways to don this statement piece.It’s now widely accepted for men to wear pink and it’s about time too! Men wearing pink is now a common sight and we’re taking a look at some easy outfits you can combine with one of the most versatile shirts shades you have in your wardrobe, so feel free to check out a few of our favourite combinations.

If you don’t own one already, a pink shirt should be in your wardrobe but for some reason a few of you out there are stuck with this idea that pink is a girls’ colour, it’s time to get rid of outdated mindsets and move into the 21st century. Pink is for everyone and if you’re not quite sure what shirt would suit you, take a look at the options we have available. It’s always good to have more than one at your disposal as nobody wants to be stuck without a shirt when you need one.

There are a few colours that work well with pink and you should be free to try new things to see what works best with your outfits. Different shades of pink will compliment different skin tones and hair colours. The best way to find out is to try a few different shades and see what suits you.

The colours that you can match with pink are often best when they’re not bright. The types of colours you should avoid would be yellow and bright green because they’ll not compliment the pink hues. A navy blue or grey work well with pink because they allow the colour to shine through. The last thing you want is to detract from the colour’s impressive nature.

Another option for pink has to be a dark green or cream. A classic summer look is a cream pair of chinos and a pink T-Shirt or polo. The shades that compliment pink allow it to stand out on its own. There’s no need to go out and buy a whole range of new clothes, you can add some pink to a lot of the outfits you already have.

It’s a classic combination. Grey suits are always going to look good but with a pink shirt you can add something a little different to the classic white shirt worn with a grey suit. The Shoes from Hudson are a great choice for any smart outfit, The brown wood effect outsole adds a casual touch to the whole look. Another great blend between smart and casual.